Caring For Your Items

1.  How do I care for my items?

You can find our care instruction on each of our items descriptions as well as on the care labels attached to your garment. Some of our items are labelled "delicate", and we do not recommend drying these items in your dryer.

This is to lengthen the life of your items, to reduce shrinkage and to ensure you are getting the most wear out of these items. 

2. What are these little balls of fluff on my items/leggings?

Pilling! Pilling is a natural occurrence with knitting cotton items, and it is more obvious on our darker coloured items.  It can also be more apparent on items that have been washed with different colours items and from rubbing whilst wearing/playing. 

As this is a natural occurrence with knitted items, there isn’t a way to “stop it” but you can reduce it by the following:

  • Washing clothes inside out
  • Cleaning out lint before washing/drying
  • Sort by similar/dark colours
  • Opt for gentle/cold wash
  • Don’t overload the washing machine
  • Line dry/lay flat to dry instead of dryer

Also, to reduce the pilling already on your garments, you can get a “de piller” to remove these little pills at your own discretion. Please note, any damager caused to your items from the incorrect use of a de piller is at the buyers discretion and does not fall under warranty.